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Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic powder coating is the painting method that results from spraying electrically charged powder paints onto a metal surface. The powder paint used in this process is also referred to as electrostatic powder paint. Electrostatic powder coating is a highly successful and professional method of painting metal surfaces, achieving a 98% adhesion rate due to the direct current electrical charge applied to the powder, ensuring complete adhesion to the surface and producing excellent surface coatings.

In addition, the electrostatic powder coating process is an environmentally friendly method that does not contain solvents. This demonstrates that it is a process that does not harm the environment.

As Delphi, we offer you the highest quality and most durable painted surfaces using the electrostatic powder coating method. Electrostatic powder coating can be applied after laser cutting processes. The baking process performed after the painting ensures complete adhesion of the paint to the surface, providing you with long-lasting and high-strength products.

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