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What is Press Brake Bending ?


A press brake is a sheet metal forming machine that bends the sheet metal raw material into the desired shape. Its more primitive version is called a "caka." With press brake machines, sheet metal takes shape by being pressed between two molds. The large mold at the bottom is called the female mold, while the one on top is the male mold.

There are different models available in various tonnages and widths. It consists of parts such as the upper mold, lower mold, hydraulic axes, and a CNC control unit.

The female mold is in a "V" shape, and the upper mold, the male mold, is also in a "V" shape, as seen in the image below of a press brake machine. With advancing technology, computer control over machines is rapidly increasing. This allows the tasks performed on press brake machines to be done with higher quality, speed, and ease, thus improving the quality of production. 

This is made possible by the computer control of the press brake bending machine. Press brakes apply force to sheet metal using hydraulic pressure. Information such as material type, material thickness, and applied pressure is entered into the machine through the CNC control panel. Once this information is provided, an animation is generated, allowing you to see the product that will result after the bending process. In case of any errors, necessary adjustments can be made to ensure the desired product is produced. Another important feature of CNC-controlled press brakes is the ability to move the back gauge. With forward, backward, up, and down movements, precise production can be achieved, giving the desired shape to the sheet metal. This is one of the conveniences that CNC brings to the press brake.

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