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These are metal safes used to meet people's needs for both industrial and social use.

Kiosks can be designed for multi-purpose purposes. The most common kiosk system is payment kiosks. Safety and ergonomics are the most important elements in these kiosks. Multi-point locking systems have been developed to increase security.

At the same time, ease of technical service should also be carefully considered. Because these systems operate at remote locations from each other. All parts used in the kiosk should be easily accessible and replaced with new ones within seconds if necessary.


Kiosk users are especially small organizations. These are places like grocery stores and cafes. Therefore, the transportation and on-site movement of these systems should also be carefully considered. A special wheel system has been developed for this situation.

The kiosk must also be able to direct the user. For this purpose, display systems or touch monitors are used. These sections can be used for information and advertising purposes.

Depending on the kiosk's intended use, it is used on devices that can input data from outside, such as pin pads, card readers or credit cards. Kiosk locations should be designed for these devices and necessary security measures should be taken. 


Sheet thicknesses of the type used for various purposes are generally 1.5 mm and 2 mm, these thicknesses depend on the purposes, panel dimensions and customer specifications.

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