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• For high strength, a monolithic body is created by welding metal material.

• Full compatibility with the door gasket is ensured with edge bends.

• Narrow side bends provide more space for internal mounting.

• IP65 Provides protection against dust and water.

• Mechanical resistance against external impacts is high.

• Phosphate coating and RAL 7035 rough paint with a thickness of 70-90 microns, suitable for 500 hours of salt test resistance, are applied.

• Provides high resistance to chemicals.

• For high strength, the cover is reinforced with multi-fold twists.

• There is a single lock on the lid, depending on its size, and the lid can be opened in the opposite direction when desired.

• Hinges made of zamak material have high corrosion resistance.

• There is a leak-proof gasket on the cover.

• There is a cable entry at the bottom of varying sizes depending on the panel size.


Sheet thicknesses of the type used for various purposes are generally 1.5 mm and 2 mm, these thicknesses depend on the purposes, panel dimensions and customer specifications.

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