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About Punch Cutting


Punch cuts are applied with a thickness of 6 mm in sheet metal, 3 mm in stainless steel sheet and 3 mm in aluminum alloy sheet products. Moreover, these machines complete the process by cutting plates such as copper and brass economically and quickly in drilling and forming processes.

In addition to these, the functions of punch cutting and punch machine are also among the topics of interest.Generally, the punch machine system is realized by implementation various processes on sheet metal in a certain order of molds suitable for various purposes on the turret. 

Advantages of Punch Cutting

There are many advantages of punch cutting process. One of them is that it cost less than other cutting types such as laser cutting. Punch machine is much faster than other alternatives for in-part geometrical cuts on sheet metal.

The more stations, the greater the variety of production.  This enables the cutting process to be completed much quicker. These stations are in the form of A-B-C-D. The most used among these stations is the station A. The body of punch machines are made of a cast structure. This structure reduces the number of deformities that may occur over time. If a formed structure is aimed and aluminum will be cut in a punch cutting machine.

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