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Delphi Pano&Metal plays a leading role in the production and distribution of gaming machines in Turkey.


Among the wide range of productsCombo Box, Basketball, Foosball, Air hockey and many other fun game machines. We continue to be the leading name in the entertainment industry by offering our customers high quality, durable and state-of-the-art gaming machines.

Each gaming machine is meticulously examined during the design and production stages and equipped with the latest technology. This guarantees our customers a long-lasting and unforgettable gaming experience. We combine aesthetic design and technical excellence in our products.

The importance we attach to customer satisfaction and quality standards carries us to our leading position in the industry. Our team works professionally at every stage, from the production of gaming machines to their distribution, and aims to provide you with the best service.

As the leading name in the distribution of gaming machines in Turkey, we are redefining the world of entertainment. We stand out in the industry by providing our customers with state-of-the-art gaming machines and unforgettable gaming experiences.


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