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Air Conditioning Cabinet is used in all research and control laboratories under controlled humidity conditions  It is designed to perform temperature measurements, all kinds of freezing/thawing and accelerated cure tests.

Concrete Curing (EN 12390-2), Cement samples (EN 196-1), Freeze-Thaw of Aggregates (EN 1367-1)  and is used to analyze the Freeze-Thaw behavior of concrete. The inner chamber is made of Stainless Steel and the outer body is made of powder coated steel, suitable for many years of use, without being affected by high humidity values. The length of the shelves can be adjusted and removed if necessary. Powerful lamps protected by a moisture-proof glass cover provide daylight to the samples. Thanks to the tempered glass doors, the samples can be observed by the user without disturbing the set temperature and humidity values.

High density polyurethane was injected between the inner chamber and the outer wall to ensure insulation of the device.Humidity is provided by a humidity generator and is read from the humidity sensor inside the inner chamber. In this way, precise readings can be taken and values can be controlled. The temperature is controlled by the PID system. Humidity and cooling systems are controlled proportionally. Thermal safety is provided by a safety thermostat.

The device is operated and controlled from the 128x64 pixel Touch LCD Screen.Strong air circulation provides stable temperature and humidity distribution even at low temperatures. This also ensures that the temperature and humidity can be restored in a short time after the door is opened and closed. It is equipped with an advanced microprocessor control system.  The device has ten program memories. It can be connected to a computer with the optional RS 232 connection.


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