Ship Bridge Console

Ship Bridge Console

We design and manufacture bridge consoles for boats and ships of different scales. We can produce these consoles as DKP Sheet, Aluminum or Fiber upon request. If you give us the dimensions of the bridge, we can offer you the design and manufacture of the Bridge Console in a package.


production is divided into (3) separate modules based on innovative mechanical console manufacturing; Equipment and Interface, Keyboard and Display.These modules give us the flexibility to follow the main dimensions of Bridge Consoles and at the same time provide the ability to meet special requests for Bridge Console applications, but still not forgetting Class specifications and ergonomic aspects. Ergonomic and Flexible Bridge Consoles The bridge is one of the vital areas of the ship. Critical decisions are made and will have a direct impact on the safety and use of the ship. The design and instrumentation on the bridge is a visible sign of the ship’s advanced functionality.

Our ergonomic and flexible consoles contribute to a much more convenient working environment than any other bridge solution on the market. Regardless of the boat’s technical equipment or its staff, Flexible Bridge consoles provide you with the view and working environment necessary to operate the ship safely and efficiently.

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