Panel Manufacturing

Panel Manufacturing

• Metal material is welded for high strength. solid body is formed.

• Full compatibility with edge bends and gaskets is provided.

• Narrow side bends provide more room for internal assembly provides.

• IP65 Provides protection against dust and water.

• High mechanical resistance against external impacts.

• Coated with phosphate, suitable for 500 hours salt test resistance. blade and RAL 7035 rough, 70-90 micron thick paint is applied.

• Provides high resistance against chemicals.

• The cover is multi-folded for high strength. reinforced with clusters.

• There is a single lock on the cover according to the size. and when desired, the cover can be made suitable for opening in the opposite direction. can be brought.

• Hinges made of zamak material are highly corrosive. It has lateral strength.

• There is a sealing gasket on the cover.

• At the bottom, in sizes that vary according to the size of the panel. cable entry.

From The Factory

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