Metal Sciences


What We Do Before Design

In the production of standard products and subcontractors, our first step is to obtain detailed information about the product and, if necessary, to get support from people with sufficient experience in the business. After fully understanding the design logic that can be manufactured according to the needs, the most sensitive points are determined during the manufacturing phase of the project.

3D Design

3D Design in Computer Environment

By combining our imagination and experience, we start the one-to-one producible design of the product in the virtual environment. During the design, we report the project status in order to finalize the design in an error-free manner in order not to waste time at every stage, without interrupting the communication with our customers who are the owners of the project.

Sample Study

Sample Study After Design

Before the mass production of the product we designed together, 1 sample study process starts. The sample production is checked at each department transition and the work is continued by obtaining customer approval. The assembly stage is the final stage of the work. The finished product is shipped to the customer's warehouse and the customer's electronic device, etc. As soon as the products are assembled and approved by us, the mass production phase begins

Mass production

Mass Production Stage

Our orders, whose specially designed sample work has been completed, can be produced by the customer and approved We shape our production in accordance with the dispatch date of the total work by carrying out method studies in the units where the work is carried out in our factory.


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