Generator, Cabin Chassis

Generator, Cabin Chassis

Generator cabinet manufacturing, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing are carried out by DELPHI PANO. We manufacture Generator chassis up to 10 mm with our Laser Cutting Machine. Laser Cutting Machine, Punch Cutting Machine, Twisting Machines, Our Welding Workshop consisting of 5 welding machines and our Powder coating facility. We do all the stages of production in our own workshop. According to the demand, we add fireproof sound insulation insulation material to the interior during assembly. Apart from the generator cabin, we produce the generator chassis, generator fuel tank and generator panel. Our design team can also make special designs as well as generator cabin designs according to any size. We are the leading generator cabin manufacturer of Turkey. You can contact us to get a generator cabin price quote, if you specify the cabin dimensions, we can make pricing.

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