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Ship Bridge Console

BRIDGE CONSOLES Bridge Console production is divided into (3) separate modules based on innovative mechanical console manufacturing; Equipment and Interface, Keyboard and Display.These modules give us the flexibility to follow the main dimensions of Bridge Consoles and at the same time provide the ability to meet special requests for Bridge Console applications, but still not forgetting Class specifications and ergonomic aspects.

Generator Cabin, Chassis

Generator cabinet manufacturing, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing are carried out by DELPHI PANO. We manufacture Generator chassis up to 10 mm with our Laser Cutting Machine. Laser Cutting Machine, Punch Cutting Machine, Twisting Machines, Our Welding Workshop consisting of 5 welding machines and our Powder coating facility. We do all the stages of production in our own workshop. According to the demand, we add fireproof sound insulation insulation material to the interior during assembly. Apart from the generator cabin, we produce the generator chassis, generator fuel tank and generator panel. Our design team can also make special designs as well as generator cabin designs for every size. We are the leading generator cabin manufacturer of Turkey. You can contact us to get a generator cabin price quote, if you specify the cabin dimensions, we can make pricing.

Panel Manufacturing

• Metal material is welded for high strength.
solid body is formed.
• Full compatibility with edge bends and gaskets
is provided.
• Narrow side bends provide more room for internal assembly
• IP65 Provides protection against dust and water.
• High mechanical resistance against external impacts.
• Coated with phosphate, suitable for 500 hours salt test resistance.
blade and RAL 7035 rough, 70-90 micron thick
paint is applied.
• Provides high resistance against chemicals.
• The cover is multi-folded for high strength.
reinforced with clusters.
• There is a single lock on the cover according to the size.
and when desired, the cover can be made suitable for opening in the opposite direction.
can be brought.
• Hinges made of zamak material are highly corrosive.
It has lateral strength.
• There is a sealing gasket on the cover.
• At the bottom, in sizes that vary according to the size of the panel.
cable entry

Kiosk Production

They are metal safes used to respond to the digital needs of people for both industrial and social use. Kiosk system literally means buffet in Turkey. Kiosks can be designed for multi-purpose. The most common kiosk system is payment kiosks. Safety and ergonomics are the most important elements in these kiosks. Multi-point locking systems have been developed to increase security. At the same time, technical serviceability should be well considered. Because these systems work at distant points from each other. All parts used in the kiosk should be easily accessible and replaced within seconds if necessary. Kiosk users are particularly small organizations. Grocery stores, cafes, etc. Therefore, the transportation and on-site movement of these systems should also be considered well. A special wheel system has been developed for this situation. The kiosk must be able to direct the user. For this, display systems or touch monitors are used. These parts can be used for information and advertising purposes. Kiosk is used in devices that can input data from outside, such as pinped, cardreader or credit card, depending on its intended use. Kiosk places should be designed for these devices and necessary security measures should be taken. If banknotes and coins are used in it, a special safe must be made. The safety of this place should be designed separately.

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Ship Bridge Console
Generator Cabin, Chassis
Panel Manufacturing
Kiosk Production
Air Conditioning Cabinets
Game Machines
Led Lighting Systems
Device Boxes
Off-Road Equipment
Booths and aisles
Pattern And Accessory
Work Benches

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Metal Design

What is Special Design and Manufacturing?



What is Custom Design and Manufacturing?

In the production of standard products and subcontractors, our first step is to obtain detailed information about the product and, if necessary, to get support from people with sufficient experience in the business. After fully understanding the design logic that can be manufactured according to the needs, the most sensitive points are determined during the manufacturing phase of the project.

3D Design in Computer Environment

We combine our imagination and experience and start the one-to-one production design of the product in the virtual environment. During the design, we report the project status in order not to waste time at every stage of the design, without cutting off contact with our customers who are the owners of the project.

Sample Study After Design

Before the mass production of the product we designed together, 1 sample study process starts. The sample production is checked at each department transition and the work is continued by obtaining customer approval. The assembly stage is the final stage of the work. The finished product is shipped to the customer's warehouse and the customer's electronic device, etc. As soon as the products are assembled and approved by us, the mass production phase begins.

Mass Production Stage

We shape our production in order to comply with the delivery date of the total work by conducting method studies in the units where the work is carried out in our factory, for our orders, whose specially designed sample work has been completed, can be produced by the customer and approved.

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